Redwood Empire
Model T Club

Forestville, CA

General Information

The Redwood Empire Model T Club was founded in 1990 by 20 enthusiastic Model T owners. It has grown to over 130 members and 140 Model Ts. Not all members own Model Ts, but we all have a keen interest. The club hosts local tours once a month beginning in March through October and meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month. Once a year, the club hosts an enjoyable 3-4 day tour at a nearby scenic destination. Some other activities include the annual Christmas dinner, fall pumpkin tour, annual fundraiser and we start off each year with a safety check of members' cars.

The club's goal is to preserve and enjoy the Model T through collecting, restoring, driving, and sharing technical information, and to unite the entire membership in a central organization to promote fellowship, encourage participation and to design motor tours around driving the Model T. The club is a recognized chapter of the "Model T Ford Club of America" and encourages all its members to join the national club.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find an application in Forms.

If you would like some more information on our club, or would like to schedule some cars to attend your event, contact us.