Redwood Empire
Model T Club

Forestville, CA

Photos of Members' Cars

Steve and Cindy's 1909Richard and Nanette's 1926

Pete and Ginny's 1912Ted and Dianna's 1914

Chris and Joan's 1924Richard and Nanette's 1924

Andy and Jeannine's 1914Donna's 1914

Dave and Sherry's 1924Lost in 2017 Northern California Wildfire

Steven Chase's 1915Vince and Joan's 1926

Chris and Joan's 1918Con and Fran's 1915

Pat and Sandy's 1925Tim and Theresa's 1926

Steve and Deb's 1925Cindy and Steve's 1926

Pete Rich's 1919 CoupeBill and Fern's 1919

Steve and Cindy's 1919Earl and Dot's 1926

Andy and Jeannine's Mercury Speedster Steve and Cece's DePaoli 1925 TT
Pat and Sandy's 1915 Touring Mike and Jean's 1912 TouringT
Mike and Jean's 1912 C Cab Larry and Robin's Model T
Mike and Jean's Speedster Steven's 1912 Warren Speedster
Jeanne's 26 Speedster Steve 27 Speedster
Steve and Jeanne's 24 Roadster Steve and Jeanne's 24 Touring